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Team Play. Smarter.

We hear you loud and clear! 

Team play for EVERYONE is our mission statement!

We believe that Esports CAN BE the most open, inclusive, and diverse community out there! We've built our Fox Hole platform on this statement.


Esports have grown exponentially over the past decade, but the community still suffers from serious problems. Toxicity, harassment, and discrimination have always been commonplace in competitive multiplayer gaming, making esports hostile and daunting to many. Team games have been a letdown as many play the "Lone Wolf", only to taunt others.

Esports fans are fed up and looking for a change. A change for the better. A way to have fun and CRUSH the competition. Facebook and Discord channels aim to offer connection, but all they really offer is chaos and frustration.

Esports is an industry that MUST evolve to be inclusive, tolerant, and SAFE for all athletes. RocketFire Labs is here to EMBRACE the fight and invite you along with us. Esports is not just a title. It means professional gaming for EVERYONE!

How does Fox Hole improve

my game?

Fox Hole was devised purely from the necessity for communication. Dropping into a game and having your teammates scatter for their own personal goals, no microphones to ACTUALLY communicate or simply incompatible languages leave athletes frustrated and at a loss. LITERALLY LOSING! Our mission was to build the most open, safe, and inclusive environment for esports athletes to connect with one another.

What does Fox Hole do that others don't?

  1. Your Fox Hole profile is directly derived from YOUR Esports ecosystem. This means we aggregate your performance data across your favorite games and social platforms to construct your "DIGITAL FINGERPRINT". This allows us to know WHO you are as a player and ensure that users will conduct themselves appropriately.


   2. We're teaming up with Collegiate Esports teams to promote the educational programs offered as well as their          STAR athletes! 

3. We allow users to report feedback on matched players. Essentially, if an athlete respects others and is an overall awesome player- they will be upvoted. If a user becomes disrespectful and toxic, users can derate them and search for alternate squadmates. Derated players will receive fewer invites than others and are less likely to be asked to join a squad. Reputation matters.

4. Set parameters for the team YOU want to play with. By filtering out specified metrics, you are years ahead of searching for teammates on Facebook or Discord. The wild west is in ages past, no need to bring it all back with a different wrapper!

This is just the start. As we scale, we will be incorporating further metrics to develop this "Fingerprint", and 

even the playing field for all Esports athletes in a competitive, fun, and inclusive way!

-Geff Croteau, Founder & CEO

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